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Cannabidiol Oil & CBD Supplements

What is Cannabidiol / CBD Oil?

CBD is a Naturally Occurring Compound

 Cannabis contains more than 80 unique compounds called “cannabinoids.”  Two of the most common found within the plant are THC and CBD (otherwise  known as Cannabidiol). Of all the compounds, these two have received  the most extensive scientific study. 

The euphoria or "high" commonly associated with cannabis is caused by the THC compound binding to CB1 nerve receptors in the brain. CBD binds to CB2, and produces no intoxicated from its use. 

Provided by Nature - Allowed by Law

CBD can be found naturally in the Cannabis and Agricultural Hemp. The CBD molecule is identical and does not vary in anyway drom one source or another.

While CBD derived from Cannabis is still illegal in many states, hemp derived cbd oils can be legally imported into  the United States under Federal Law.

This allows US consumers to purchase High CBD Hemp Oils (HCHO) and products made from these hemp derived offerings.

Is CBD Right For You?

Unfortunately we are not able to determine that for you. Only through your own research and/or the advice of those whom you respect to make that determination.

We are not here to "sell" you CBD, but rather to make the highest quality CBD products available to those who have come to their own conclusion at the lowest possible price.

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