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What is Cannabidiol / CBD Oil?

High CBD Hemp Oil and Humulus CBD Benefits

CBD is most commonly extracted from Hemp or Cannabis. However new non-cannabis-based CBD supplements are coming to market extracted from Hops or Humulus, a small genus of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae.

While the hops or humulus extracted  CBD may not have the other cannabinoids found in High CBD Hemp Oil (HCHO), now people who want to try CBD but do not want to consume cannabis products have a natural choice. And we think that is a good thing.

Provided by Nature - Allowed by Law?

CBD can be found naturally in the cannabis, agricultural hemp, hops and a few other plants. The CBD molecule from any of these sources is identical and does not vary in anyway from one source to another.

While many believe there are unique benefits found when CBD is coupled with the other cannabinoids found in cannabis and to a lesser extent hemp CBD oils, the science has shown that CBD as a stand alone is worthy of additional research with preliminary studies promising.

While CBD derived from Cannabis is still illegal in many states, hemp derived cbd oils can be legally imported into the United States under Federal Law and is sold nationally by many companies, though many consumers are still worried about legally possessing them in their state.

Now with the Hops or Humulus derived CBD products available those worrying about the legality of the Cannabis and Hemp products in their state can feel more comfortable buying a non-cannabis CBD product to try.

Is CBD Right For You?

Unfortunately we are not able to determine that for you. Only through your own research and/or the advice of those whom you respect to make that determination.

We are not here to promote CBD, but rather to make the highest quality CBD products available to those who have done the necessary research and have decided adding CBD to their diet would be right for them or someone they know or love.

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